Top up your ATHE Level 7 diploma with American university credits.

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

from Northwood University

The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership is for individuals who aspire to lead and who understand that successful leaders know how to manage change, inspire others and impact the productivity. The program design examines behaviors that facilitate effective personal and organizational leadership and learning, as well as collaborative problem-solving strategies and practices. Offered 100% online, this is a good program for those who are currently working full time, as well as those just starting their professional careers.

Here’s how it works:

Start with your ATHE Level 7 Extended diploma in Management

Valued at up to half the credits required for your Master’s degree*

*The following Level 7 core courses are counted toward the Master of Science degree in Organisational Leadership: Organisational Behavior and Strategic Planning.

Additionally, three of the following optional ATHE Level 7 courses may be counted toward your Master of Science degree: Managing Continuous Organisational Improvement, Corporate Communication, Quantitative Methods, and International Business Environment.

Top up with Northwood University Graduate Degree Courses

Your ATHE Level 7 diploma satisfies up to half of your Master’s degree course requirements (5 courses), leaving only five additional courses for you to take to earn your degree.

Ready to Complete your Master's Degree?